Continuous Improvement

We are a company dedicated to converting waste plastic materials into commercially viable products, utilizing environmentally-friendly recycling and manufacturing methods. Our patented process and technology currently focuses on post consumer carpet by diverting it from the waste stream, cleaning and separating it into its individual entities and providing those materials to customers to produce products for their end users.

At Green Vulture, we are continually searching for ways to innovate and expand our process. We have run several trials on different materials including bottle flake, plastic film and paper. Our process is able to separate and clean these materials as well. We continue to research and test our process to provide more environmentally friendly services to the marketplace.

Additional Materials

Green Vulture’s process provides a variety of services throughout including polymer identification, on-site lab analysis and pelletizing. Currently our main product offerings are:

» Nylon 6
» Nylon 6.6
» Polypropylene